October 13, 2009

good things come in 3...in this case 5

All good things come in 3, geometrics inspired me today again and the number 3, random much? Was feeling kinda lazy and uninspired today, maybe because of the long holiday and of course the turkey.

october, 12, 2009 | font crush: amandine

I've been pretty much obsessed with this font recently. Not the usually font I'd go for, fairly girly, but it has a nice crafty feel to it. Get it free at dafont.com.

october, 11, 2009 | verse-a-sunday: amos 15:5

Simple and straight to the point written in Amos 5:15 Hate evil, love good.

october, 10, 2009 | be my sunflower

So I went to my uncles for the break it was by Lake Simico, in a town called Geogia, probably the most suburban place I've ever been before, pure bliss.

october, 9, 2009 | by my house side

Finally finished finding the track for this. By My House Side is the very first stop motion I've ever made, it's only 10 sec. Photos taken with Canon 40D. Finished the video 2 weeks ago, just added audio today, so it doesn't count as blue right?

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